╦ ╦┌─┐┌┐ ┌┬┐┌─┐┌─┐┬┌─┐┌┐┌  ┌┐ ┬ ┬  ╔═╗┌─┐┌─┐┬ ┬┌─┐┬─┐
║║║├┤ ├┴┐ ││├┤ └─┐││ ┬│││  ├┴┐└┬┘  ║ ╦│ │├─┘├─┤├┤ ├┬┘
╚╩╝└─┘└─┘─┴┘└─┘└─┘┴└─┘┘└┘  └─┘ ┴   ╚═╝└─┘┴  ┴ ┴└─┘┴└─
(Webdesign by Gopher)

The website at is being maintained as a Gopher directory.
It is being served as HTML by the HTTP gateway of the mgod gopher server.*
Thus the structure of these pages is derived from the Gopher protocol, and
their design follows the default settings of the browser you are using.
-> article about Gopher on Wikipedia
-> web page of the mgod gopher server by Mate Nagy

The fonts used in page titles are "ANSI Shadow" and "Calvin S". They
originate from an old DOS application called "TheDraw" and were thankfully
conserved by Patrick Gillespie. 
-> TheDraw’s Lost ANSI Art Fonts
-> Interactive demo of these and other ASCII-art fonts

The favicon of this website shows random noise. It is regenerated in
regular intervals using the Imagemagick command: 
convert -size 16x16 xc:black +noise Random -monochrome favicon.ico
-> current favicon


* Strictly speaking, the mgod httpgate used here differs from the original
  in one single line of code. This change causes the page title to appear as
  "Carlos Franke:" instead of "Gopher:". To comply with the GPL, here the
  modified source code: 
   modified mgod code

mgod httpgate