╦┬ ┬┌┬┐┌─┐┌─┐┌┬┐┌─┐┌┐┌┌┬┐  /╔╗ ┌─┐┬┌┐┌┌─┐
 ║│ │ │││ ┬├┤ │││├┤ │││ │  / ╠╩╗├┤ │││││ ┬
╚╝└─┘─┴┘└─┘└─┘┴ ┴└─┘┘└┘ ┴ /  ╚═╝└─┘┴┘└┘└─┘
(Judgement/Being / "Urtheil/Seyn". Theatre installation)

A performative installation resulting from the attempt to translate Friedrich
Hölderlin's text "Urtheil und Seyn" a.k.a. "Sein, Urteil, Modalität" into
theatre. The two pages of the one-sheeted manuscript, none of which can be
recognised as being the first one, became two actors, standing back to
back, speaking simultaneously, exhibited and exposed like a museum piece.
Being three performers (Dominique Baur Jasper Metzbaur and me), at all
times one of us would be resting. Thus the text and its interference with
itself wasn't depending on any single person.

Performed for one hour each day on January 23 and 24, 2012 in lecture
halls of the Neue Universität building of the University of Heidelberg.

[] performance photo
(photo: Domino)

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